Your Dog's Stay

We have two spacious kennels located in our basement. We also have several crates that are available to use if that makes the dog feel more comfortable. Puppies will always be boarded in an appropriately sized crate. This is non-negotiable.

Our property includes just over 5 acres. There is a spacious fenced in portion of our land that is used as a dedicated dog run. Your dog(s) will also get the proper amount of exercise desired for their specific needs which will be discussed prior to the dog's stay. Provided by our experience of owning working breeds ourselves, we are well versed in knowing the importance of mental stimulation and physical fulfillment. We also know each dog's needs are different and will adjust their physical fulfillment as necessary. The breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health of the dog will each play a role in helping us decipher how much exercise it will be receiving. We are a very active kennel and spend the majority of time with the dogs outdoors when it is nice out.

Due to our commitment in providing the safest environment for each and every dog, we can not guarantee your dog will be able to play with any other dog during their stay. However, if after thorough screening and assessments of each dog's temperament we feel comfortable and confident that there will be no issues, we will occasionally allow dogs to interact and play. Although we will allow dogs to interact and play when they pass all screenings, we do not run Caldwell Kennels as a doggy daycare. If you are interested in a doggy daycare you may be more satisfied sending your dog to a kennel that offers doggy daycare.