Obedience Training

*To be eligible for our board & train program all dogs must be crate trained at home.

Our board & train program offers basic obedience. We offer on-leash and off-leash programs.

Because each and every board & train will be tailored to the dog's needs and owner's expectations we prefer to discuss details directly with the client. If you are interested in finding out more information please e-mail us directly and include your phone number as a phone consult may be necessary.

Our training programs are set up to be a great place to start for your dog's training journey. They will learn several new commands while with us (sit, place, heel, down, leave it) but we never want to mislead anyone into thinking the training stops at the board and train. For everlasting results the owner's must be willing to follow through with the training at home. Otherwise the training will regress over time.

At this time we are not offering training packages for training in the client's home but we do have wonderful referrals for local trainers that do offer this type of training so if you are interested in this option please don't hesitate to reach out. We also have referrals for board & train programs that don't require the dog to be crate trained at home to be eligible. We are happy to direct you elsewhere if it makes more sense for your situation.