NEW Client Trial Info

Our goal here is to make each and every dog's stay as stress-free as possible. We believe in treating each dog as the individual dog it is. To be able to do so effectively, we feel it is in the dog's best interest to have a trial stay completed. This will allow us to be sure that your dog is not only comfortable and content, but happy in our care. If we were in this business for any reason other than our love for dogs, this wouldn't be necessary. But we are here to lookout for your dog's best interest.

If your dog has never been crated or boarded previously, we would suggest looking for a cage-free environment for your dog. This will be the least stressful on them, because it is what they are used to.

To book a trial please fill out our dog information form and we will e-mail you to figure out a date and length of time necessary for your dog.

Trial stay fee: $50