Dog Treadmills

Dog treadmills are available as an add-on service for your dog's stay. We know what you're thinking, isn't that dangerous? What if the dog wants to stop and the treadmill keeps going! These treadmills are not called "dog treadmills" for nothin. They are tailored to... DOGS! There is NO motor. Therefore your dog controls the pace. If your dog wants to stop, your dog just has to stop. If your dog wants to run fast, the dog simply gets to run fast.

Now. Let's talk fatigue. You take your dog outside to throw a ball for 30 minutes. The dog comes inside and depending on it's tolerance it may be ready to go again in 10 minutes. Here's what is extra cool about the dog treadmills. Your dog gets on it and has NO idea what is going on. So it causes the dog to think, think, and think some more. Mentally, this is tiring your dog out more effectively than if the dog that would hop on and run confidently for 20-30 minutes straight. It is ultimately a specialized training session with your dog regardless of which way it goes.

Treadmill walks or runs (whatever the dog chooses to do - we are not going to force your dog to do anything it is uncomfortable with) will be an additional $30 despite how many times your dog walks or runs on the treadmill during his/her stay. What we mean by this is the following:

*If your dog walks for 15-20 minutes, not pushing his/her physical limits but mentally wearing themselves out we will be able to use the treadmills daily.

*If your dog gets on the treadmill and runs as fast as it can for 20-30 minutes we will only do 1-2 runs a week depending on the dog's age, breed, and weight.

*If you have a working breed, we may advise against the treadmill service depending on your lifestyle at home. The reason for this is that we do not want to build a drive you'd be unable to keep up with at home.

If you are interested in utilizing the dog treadmills during your dog's stay but have additional questions please e-mail us directly.